A Guide to Medical Universities in Slovakia

Slovakia is a land-locked country in Eastern Europe. It is a beautiful country, with nine national parks and several mountain ranges contributing to its appeal. There are three medical schools in Slovakia that offer English language programmes: Pavol Josef, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine and Comenius University, each named after a notable figure from Slovakia’s vivid history. 


All the Medicine courses offered in the Slovak Republic are 6-year programmes, with each year divided into two semesters. Following graduation, students are required to sit the state written examination, which allows them to practice Medicine in Slovakia and all EU countries, permits them to sit the USMLE in the USA and the MCCEE in Canada, and provides access to work in many other countries across the world.

Degrees completed in this country are accepted in all EU countries, as well as Israel and India, and permit graduates to take the USMLE in the USA, the MCCEE in Canada.


All three Slovakian medical schools that offer an English language course are6-year programmes, consisting of two or three pre-clinical years, and three or four clinical years.A traditional approach to pre-clinical education is taken, with lectures and seminars making up the bulk of teaching early on. The subjects covered in the first three years include anatomy, physiology, embryology, histology, pathology, and biochemistry, among many others. The clinical years feature integrated placements in hospitals and health centres within Slovakia, providing students with the skills required to work as a qualified doctor.

All three of the universities provide teaching in the Slovak language in the early years, allowing students to communicate effectively with patients and doctors as they enter the clinical environment. 


Academic requirements

There are no minimum grade requirements or subject pre-requisites for entry onto any of the English medical courses in Slovakia. Applicants must be aged 17 or over at the commencement of the course, and have completed secondary education in their home country (i.e. finished high school or college). 

Admissions exams

All applicants must sit an entrance exam, featuring 100 multiple choice questions on biology and Chemistry. These questions are set at the level expected of a high school leaver, and students are recommended to prepare well for this exam. Comenius University in Bratislava sells a revision book to help with this, while Pavol Josef offers a two-week preparatory course for its applicants.

Medical student's opinions

Current students point to the open and friendly atmosphere within the university and country as a whole as one of the best things about studying in Slovakia. They report feeling supported and well looked after during their studies, which will be a relief for many as they consider making this big change in their lives.

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