Teaching Anatomy: Which Medical Schools Do Full Body Dissection

Although all medical schools in the UK are regulated and overseen by the GMC to ensure a consistent standard for students, there are a few key differences: for example the course structure, teaching methods and amount of clinical contact. One question that frequently comes up for prospective medical students is 'how is anatomy taught' and 'which medical schools do full body dissection'.

To help answer these questions, we have contacted all medical schools in the UK, but before we go into the details, here is a brief overview of the different teaching methods for learning anatomy during your medical degree. 



Regarded by many as the traditional way of teaching anatomy, dissection is the cutting of the body/human tissue to study its anatomical structure (eg. muscles, bones and nerves). During anatomy classes medical students will be carrying out the dissection themselves on cadavers who have donated their bodies to medical science.


The cutting of a cadaver or part of a cadaver by an experienced teacher in order to demonstrate anatomic structure for students. The main difference here is that medical students will be observing rather than doing any cutting themselves.

Anatomage table

Otherwise known as a 'virtual dissection table'. This is a high tech way of teaching anatomy whereby medical students and demonstrators can virtually 'peel back' layers of tissue to reveal the underlying structures. It can also be pre-programmed to show various medical conditions such as an arthritic joint so students can gain a better understanding of how anatomy and physiology tie together.


So... which medical schools do full body dissection?

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We hope this information is helpful in making your decision easier and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us at hello@theMSAG.com

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