Bristol Medicine Interview

by Pippa Morris December 06, 2022 5 min read

2023 Bristol Medicine Interviews


The Bristol medicine interview is a multiple mini-interview (MMI) with four assessors, taking place online using Zoom. Your interview will last 30 minutes, with each assessor giving an independent score that will be averaged out.


Interviews will take place from December 2022 to February 2023. Decisions will be made in the three weeks following the interview and are purely based on your MMI performance.


Questions will focus on the qualities outlined in the GMC’s publication “Achieving Good Medical Practice”.

What Interview Questions to Expect

You will be marked on your ability to listen and communicate clearly and effectively with your assessors. Make sure you listen carefully to the questions you are faced with and ensure you focus on both your non-verbal and verbal communication skills. Communication skills are crucial for doctors of the future and will form a key part of your medical school training.

Throughout the MMI, assessors will be evaluating your motivation for a career in medicine. With all your relevant work experience, GCSE grades and A-level successes so far, there will be no doubt you have thought hard about life as a doctor. You need to ensure you stand out from the crowd and get across your enthusiasm and passion for the field of medicine.

You may be asked questions about your work experience. The interviewer may require you to reflect upon what you saw, and how it made you feel. You may be asked to demonstrate the application of key skills, such as teamwork and leadership, in a healthcare setting.

Your interview questions will ask you to demonstrate crucial skills required for doctors of the future. You should consider the roles and responsibilities of medical students and doctors, and consider how these align with your strengths. Think about times when you demonstrated your teamwork skills or had the chance to declare your altruistic personality. You could additionally reflect and discuss the voluntary work you have completed to support your application.

Bristol medical school recommends that all applicants read Achieving Good Medical Practice: guidance for medical students published by the General Medical Council. Think about how this relates to yourself and your experiences so far. You may face situational judgement-type scenarios where you have to apply these professional principles and explain your decision-making rationale.

Bristol's Scoring System

Each station will have one to two assessors, who will score you independently and these scores will then be averaged out to produce your final interview score

Assessors will be academics, clinicians, patients and senior medical students.

Bristol Medical School aims to inform you of the interview outcome within three weeks via email. Decisions are based solely on your performance at MMIs. 40% of MMI candidates will receive an offer.

How to answer "Why do you want to study Medicine at Bristol University?" in an interview

To give a concise and comprehensive answer to this question at your interview, there are three essential elements your answer needs to have :

    1. Specific knowledge about the school, programme, place
    2. Why the elements you mentioned are attractive to you
    3. Evidence that you have made an effort to research the school and programme

Point 2 and 3 above are essential to deliver a strong answer that is personal to you. In this section, we will help you brainstorm point 1 to help you get started in preparing your answer.

What is unique about the course at Bristol?

The Bristol MBChB Medicine A100 programme is a 5-year course. The curriculum is focused on patient contact and the integration of scientific and clinical learning. There is early clinical exposure in hospital and community settings, with blended learning and case-based discussions throughout. Anatomy is taught using cadaveric prosections and the course contains numerous practical sessions. Students have the opportunity to complete a medical elective in the fifth year, and the opportunity to intercalate.

What is unique about Bristol and its Medical School?

The University of Bristol is internationally recognised, ranking 61st in the QS University Rankings. Bristol is a leader in global research and was the first higher education institution in the UK to admit men and women on an equal basis. There are a number of extra-curricular opportunities available to the community of nearly 20,000 students. Most placements take place at Bristol Royal Infirmary, a 700 bedded teaching hospital - and the basis of the television series Casualty and Holby City.

Why else would people choose Bristol Medical School?

Bristol is one of the UK’s largest cities. The University has well-being advisers in residences and at teaching sites, available to provide support to students. Bristol’s rich history and culture are coupled with a progressive community, focused on caring for the environment and bettering the city. Situated on the River Avon, Bristol has a young population and often tops student satisfaction surveys.

Bristol Interview Experiences

"There were 6 minutes per station and 2 minutes between each question. The style was conversational with follow up questions. I could not speak for more than 3 or 4 minutes without interruption."

Medicine Interviewee, 11th Feb 2022

"There were 2 interviewers per station: A student and healthcare worker. The student seemed focused on timing & the healthcare worker asked questions. They were smiling and friendly."

Medicine Interviewee, 11th Feb 2022

"I found the calculation to do in a roleplay difficult and unexpected as I had already done the calculation test. I struggled to note all the numbers I needed to complete it."

Medicine Interviewee, 11th Feb 2022

Our Top Bristol Interview Tips

Bristol Interview Tip #1

Read ‘Achieving Good Medical Practice’

Recommended preparation from Bristol

This GMC publication outlines the skills required for doctors of the future and is the only suggested reading that the University of Bristol provides for students preparing for interviews. It outlines the duties of a doctor based on knowledge, skills and performance; safety and quality; communication, partnership and teamwork and finally maintaining trust

Bristol Interview Tip #2

Practice common questions

The exact stations are unknown

In order to ensure you do not get caught out, make sure your answers to the most common questions are slick. Prepare answers for questions based on the core skills required for medical students, such as teamwork, leadership, communication and compassion. Make sure you feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your personal statement and reflecting upon your work experience and volunteering.

Bristol Interview Tip #3

Revise the course

A five year integrated medicine course

Ensure you know the structure of the Bristol medical school course, so you can demonstrate your motivation to study at the institution, and explain why Bristol is a good match for your attributes. Think about the aspects of the course which appeal most to your learning style, and feel comfortable explaining why this is.

Pippa recently completed her Medicine degree at the University of Cambridge and has started her Foundation year 1 job. She is one of our more experienced tutors, involved in Personal Statements, interviews, UCAT, BMAT and more!